Christmas layered paper templates

Christmas layered paper templates is a set of overlays featuring traditional Christmas motifs to help you create your own, customized digital papers. As you can see, we included very classic Christmas designs such as Christmas trees, beautiful poinsettias, holly berries, mistletoe patterns, a very candy-cane-like diagonal line pattern and a Christmas ornament pattern. All you have to do is to edit these PSD layered files in Photoshop and then you can customize each of the layers changing colors, adding texture, or clipping a glitter texture. The great thing about these overlays is that next year you can use them again, just choose a different color palette and you will get a completely new design.

Six Christmas patterns included in this overlay set!

Super easy to use templates

Once you open the layered template in Photoshop you will now be able to see all the layers. Each color shown in preview is a different layer you can customize!

Position your cursor on the layer you want to edit and double click to open the layer style dialog. The changes you’ll be able to make are basically color and texture.

If you want to change the color of a layer, check “Color Overlay” and then pick the color you wish to apply.

To add a texture, check “Pattern Overlay”, then select the pattern you want to apply and set the blending mode to “Soft Light” just as shown in the picture below.

Another easy way to customize the overlays would be to apply a glitter style. Just select the layer you want to change and click once on the style you want to apply. Here I applied some glitter to the star.

Once you are happy with the results, you can go ahead and rasterize and merge all the layers to flatten the artwork.

As you can see, paper templates are a great investment since you can get a lot of different designs from the same overlay set, I hope you will find these designs useful!

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Vintage lace layered chalkboard overlays

Vintage lace layered chalkboard overlays set comes with four layered overlays in white color. Each overlay has two layers, one of the layers features the vintage floral and lace overlay. The background layer is either a subtle grid or very tiny polka dot pattern. These overlays are a fantastic tool to create digital papers, wedding album backgrounds or just to enhance your photos.


Fully editable in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and any other program able to work with layers. Basically you can change the appearance of these designs, recolor them, or play with blending modes to create subtle tone on tone digital papers and textures. If you are not familiar with this type of digital tool you can check out our How to use overlays tutorial here. The tutorial even comes with a free overlay you can use to practice different techniques.

If you want the floral overlays alone you can purchase them here


You can find our digital scrapbook and photographer tools at Lilmade Digitals, our second Etsy store. We opened some time ago but we only started adding sets recently, we hope to have our store fully stocked in a few months!