Great filters to enhance your photos

There are a lot of great filters to enhance your photos and transform them into a gorgeous piece for your scrapbook and art journaling projects, and the best part is that you don’t need to own a complex graphic software, many of these apps are free or very affordable, can simply be installed on your phone and many don’t require internet connection to be used.

This is a photo of the Palace of fine Arts in the Marina District of San Francisco, a magic place surrounded by gardens where you can take a lot of gorgeous pictures, even wedding pictures. As you can see, the “before photo” is really nice and crisp, but it needed a little bit of something extra to add it to Instagram, so here is the list of filters I applied:

Apps used:

Picfx app



Very simple! I opened the original photo in Picfx app, went to Classics and applied the Olden filter. Somehow this filter turned the sky turquoise and it seems that also added a little bit of a texture. Then, in the same app, I went to Light and selected the filter Hearts Small, this filter applied the gorgeous bokeh effect. I saved the new picture to my phone and then loaded it on Instagram where I just used the filter Slumber to add that dusty, vintage look.


Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco


Don’t forget to print it out and add it to your scrapbook album, that way you will never lose it!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will find this post useful.

Happy crafting!