Hello November! How to add watercolor texture in Photoshop

Hello November! How to add watercolor texture in Photoshop


Hello friends!  I’ve been a little bit sick with a cold today, the perfect opportunity to relax and try the “watercolor and ink” technique for the first time, so I painted this autumn inspired floral frame. I then scanned the artwork and opened it in Photoshop to add the text.

The font I used here is called “Spelling Night”, this is a very elegant font that really doesn’t need any extra embellishment but I just wanted to add a little bit of a texture to create the illusion that the text was hand-painted as well. This is very easy to do, you just need to clip a watercolor texture to the text or any image you want to texturize.

Here is how I did it.

Choose a  high resolution texture and open it in Photoshop. Go to Image/Adjustments/Desaturate to remove all color from the texture, this is important in order to keep the original colors unaltered.

Now, go to Edit/Define Pattern, this will add the texture to the pattern library in Photoshop making it available to use whenever you open the layer styles dialog box in the future.

Double click on the text layer, this will open the layer styles box. Click on the option Pattern Overlay, you will see a thumbnail showing the last pattern you added to the patterns library, click on the thumbnail to select it, this will clip the pattern to the text.

Play around with blending modes and opacity to get the desired effect. For this texture I selected “soft light” for the blending mode and 29% for the opacity. Please note that these settings depend on two things, the brightness of the texture you are using and the original color of the graphic the said texture is being applied to, so this will be a matter of experimentation. Since it is possible to preview how the artwork changes as we apply different settings, finding the perfect recipe is easy and fun!

At this point, I always save the file as “PSD layered file” making sure all the layers are editable and the effects I applied are active. This way I can always come back to this file to recolor or apply different textures. Of course PSD files are super heavy and will take a ton of space, but I’ve never regretted having them available.

After I’ve created my back up PSD file, I just rasterize all the layers (file/scripts/flatten all layer effects) and flatten the artwork (layer/flatten image}.

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Halloween party decor

Halloween party decor set comes with all you need to decorate your spooktacular celebration! This is a digital printable DIY Halloween set, you will need to print out the designs and assemble the set at home. It comes loaded with a lot of awesome goodies!

Halloween decor elements included in the set:
  • Two printable goodie cones.
  • A set of large bunting flags. Bunting spells out “Trick or treat”.
  • Bag toppers.
  • A set of cupcake toppers. Most toppers are decorated with our original clipart, and at the bottom of the collage sheet you will have 3 blank cupcake toppers for you to add your own text.
  • Four different 5×5 inch ready to use invitation templates.
  • Thank you notes printable sheet.
  • Two different cupcake wrappers.
  • Four folded tents.
  • Four bottle labels, can be used as napkin rings as well.
  • Assorted straw flags in three different colors.
  • One scallop square SVG cutting file to enhance your cupcake toppers or use as tags.
Here is the preview of the set where you can see all the elements included

Halloween printable party kit

Here is how I made my Halloween party decor using this set:

To make the cupcake toppers, I used one of the SVG files to cut the round scallop base on yellow scrapbook paper (I cut several at once). Then I printed out the cupcake topper sheet and cut the designs out with my 2 inch scallop punch. Finally I mounted the two pieces with double sided tape, glued them to a lollipop stick and tied a piece of purple paper ribbon to it.

The paper bag you see below, is a simple lunch bag from the dollar store that I filled with candy and then closed with one of the provided bag toppers. This bag topper has a blank space were you can write your guest name or simply stamp the words “thank you”, “Happy Halloween” or any text you wish to add.


The cupcake wrappers come ready to use, just print and cut them out, then wrap around the cupcakes. These are fun and kind of goth style.


Here is a detail of the goodie cones! I just printed and cut out the goodie cones, then wrapped the candy in black tissue paper and secured the bag inside the goodie cone with non toxic glue, then tied a piece of purple paper ribbon on the top, they really look great!


A detail of the invites. These are almost ready made, you just have to add the text to them. There are  four different designs included in the set.


And these are the fun bunting flags. It is going to be a lot of fun to make these with the kids! The bunting flag spells out “trick or treat”.


If you want to purchase this set you can find it here.

Thanks for looking!!!

Creating elegant Thanksgiving party decor

Creating elegant Thanksgiving party decor is going to be an easy task using these digital papers inspired by Fall. The papers are scrapbooking size, 12 x 12 inches, however you can print them at home onto regular 8.5 x 11 in. cardstock or photo paper.


How to print 12×12″ digital scrapbooking papers onto 8.5 x 11″ photo paper.

You can print using the built-in software in your computer. If you have Windows, go to the folder you received when you purchased the digital papers, then click on the paper you want to print, right click and select print, then choose the following settings:

  • Select your paper size: in this case I’m using letter size photo paper.
  • Printing quality: I like to select “best” so that I can get the exact bold color I picked when I designed the paper, however if you select “normal”  you will also get a good quality print but the colors will be a tiny bit lighter than the original design.
  • Paper type: I love the results I get when I use glossy photo paper. White cardstock can also work but the colors will be darker and less vibrant.
  • Size: I choose fit picture to frame, that will print the entire page rather than reducing the size of the pattern.

Here is how this pattern looks printed:

Once you printed the pattern you can create all sort of party decorations such as boxes, cards and labels, for example the goodie box shown below, was created by Keisha for Mygrafico party impressions. She used the houndstooth pattern to create the labels, then she used a piece of the leaf pattern to make the wrap, these papers look great combined with any rustic wrapping paper and paper craft or natural raffia ribbons.

Photo credit: Keisha for Mygrafico Party Impressions















Combine patterns and print them out, then use templates, punch boards or your cutting machine to create your designs, the possibilities are endless and many designs are easy enough to make with your kids. The patterns included in this kit are fun and easy to mix and match.

You can also mix and match elements from different digital papers, stickers and clipart sets like shown below. Please note, the cards are sold separately.

You can find these digital papers in the following stores:


I hope you found this post useful, please let me know if you have any question regarding this papers, I love to hear from you! Just send me an Etsy convo or contact me on my Facebook page.

Thank you!